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Red Hussars Alumni Assn.
Golden Years

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1929 was the year they say, that planning began
for the "red letter" day,
When buglers, drummers, cymbals, and such
would first begin to "strut" their stuff.
For T.J. High, the maroon and gold, the
Red Hussar Corps began to unfold.
The famed "Red Hussars" have marched and played
with "Here We Come" leading the way.
Hundreds of dedicated girls and sponsors
through 50 years have claimed the honor
Of being a part of the "Hussar Tradition"
which is second to none under any condition.
There's no group like the "dear" red & white
with love and devotion to determine its plight.
Its been honored, praised, and ridiculed too,
as declining interested seemed to construe
That this dear old group should begin to disband.
When - - -
A Booster Club appeared at hand, and--Guess who
would lead this new booster group but the
First co-drum major and president too.
Does this tell you something our many good friends?
We red & white boosters have memories on end
of much very work, and many good times,
Of pep rallies, games, and spirit devine.
We've marched and played, we've boosted and cheered,
Our love and fellowship have through the years
bound us together in one accord
That many more girls share our reward, of - -
being one "sister" in a group of more
To share in the yields of our loved ones before,
from Smitty, Larrimore and B. Jo White
To Beryl and Marsha the "Red & White"
has come full circle and we mean to see
That the tune of "Our Buddy" will 'nere cease to be
So please 'nere forget the old Red & White
And always think of them flying bright
new leards, new members
It's you that we've worked for.
Betty Jean Guidroz (Lough)
Jan. 1947 - June 1949