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Red Hussars Alumni Assn.

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TJHS Red Hussars Class of 1956

Hussars 1958
Barbara McKinley, Gail Patin, Susan Zerkle, Becky Burris & Carol Smith

Vivian Gautreaux Hayes
The Hussar throw was made by her mom, Mrs. John Gautreaux.

Class of 1945



Mrs. Bartlett:  "Bugles flourish together."
"Ladies, your biggest problem is. . . . "
"You're not picking up your feet."
Marla Beavens:  "I'm getting my braces off for CavOilCade."
Michelle Bruno:  "I don't remember hearing an at ease whistle."
Dauphine Bryant:  (Giggle, Giggle)
Robin Bushnell:  "I don't have time."
Lisa Cannon:  "This hurts my ears."
Marga Davis:  "Oh, shut up."
Marianne Dore:  "Vicki, quit it."
Charlotte Duplant:  "You're at attention."
Barbie Durso:  "I'm sure."
Pam Espinosa:  "U-G-L-Y, You aint got no alibi, you ugly, ya-ya you ugly."
Dana Fitzpatrick:  "Was that a red light back there?"
Carol Gardener:  "Back up."
Denise Henry:  "Are we going to the Legs or the Keg?"
Susan Hernandez:  "Roll call - Ashy, Beavens, Bruno, Bryant...Bryant...Bryant...."
Nancy Johnson:  "My boyfriend's mother made it."
Lori Juneau:  "My socks are wet."
Diana Knobloch:  "I'd better go check on Jennette."
Andrea Lopez:  "You've got to get it right."
Pamela Williams:  "Bugles, practice at my grandmother's house, if you're not there
                                 you get a demerit."
Mrs. Wyble:  "One and two and three and four . . ."
Julie Manske:  "I wish I had my glasses 'cause they turn in the sun."
Maureen Marroquin:  "Y'all I started my strict diet today."
Julie McClure:  "Bugles, Bells, Baritones, and Cymbals will be checked."
Terri Molina:  "Don't beat your sticks on the cement."
Nancy Owens:  "Man, was I loaded last night."
Sheila Pete:  "If you have your money, you can pay me here."
Dana Potter:  "What do I tell him if he asks me out?"
Bonnie Ransonette:  "Don't move."
Becky Rhodes:  "I can dig it, dig it, dig it. . . . ."
Cynthia Richards:  "If you want water, bring it yourself."
Carol Riley:  "Just fake it, Dana."
Christine Scott:  "Guide, Jan."
Allison Sonnenberg:  "Me and Dale broke up for good."
Camella Stamper:  "Pin on the right, tag on the left."
Jennette Watters:  "It's hot in that office."
Kathy Wilkins:  "Don't worry about it."
Alicia Wolf:  "Yhoooooo . . . ."